Let’s Learn Chinese

An innovative way of learning Chinese - learning through songs and rhymes

Children can learn a language best when what they feel their learning enjoyable.  Learning through songs, rhymes and simple verses followed by role-playing and dialogues developed from such songs and rhymes is an effective way to develop phonemic awareness, expand vocabulary, master difficult sounds, and get fluency with less effort but more and pleasure than otherwise.

Many of the traditional Chinese folk songs and rhymes in this collection have been popular for generations. Our selecting strategy is to make each song immerse student in the language full of rhythms, rhymes and emphatic refrains. The rhyme and musicality would ease the burden of memorizing vocabulary and help create a natural flow of language leading to a stage of fluency.

The traditional Chinese folk songs and rhymes also contain a lot of history and culture which can be learned in an enjoyable way together with language.

Learning through Songs and Rhymes is a collection that contains 140 children’s songs and rhymes in Chinese, which are arranged by levels based on their length and difficulty. Each book contains 20 songs and rhymes together with 160 most frequently used words.

English translation and pinyin are added to each of the songs and rhymes to facilitate the study. Students will focus on learning a few frequently used words or phrases they come across in each song or rhyme.  Furthermore, the class work, homework, computer flash programs and PowerPoint programs, as well as hands-on practice on our website, are all designed to reinforce our focused language learning process. For each month we shall have a different theme-based lesson plan in context with the songs and rhymes being learned in the month. 

Our exclusive Chinese learning website, www.waytochinese.com is getting a better shape day by day. More and more animated songs and rhymes with translation and pinyin are added on weekly basis. Children are encouraged to visit the website, where they are able to review what they have come across in class and learn a lot more by themselves.